Dangerous Seas of Prehistoric Times

Looking for a luxury vacation this year? How about a near perfect climate, not too hot and not too cold, with a guarantee of dry weather? What else was that on your list; culture, outstanding restaurants, luscious forests and a choice of deserted beaches? Oh, and a spot of sea kayaking?

We have just the solution. One of the most popular destinations for sea kayaking is the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The guided sea kayaking tours through the islands’ glassy waters attract tourists from all over the world. Even the climate of the San Juan Islands reinforces the opulent theme of your vacation blessed as it is with day after day of virtually guaranteed sunshine.

Now, we’re all aware of the dangers of sea kayaking alone. From capsizing and seasickness to the danger of inclement and unexpected weather conditions, kayaking can be a risky business if not done properly.

The advantage of a guided sea kayaking tour on your luxury vacation in the San Juan Islands means you’re under constant supervision. Whether this is your first time or you’re comfortable in all weathers you’ll have a chance to learn how to paddle or improve your existing techniques. All in completely safe conditions.

As we know, however, the world’s oceans haven’t always been so safe. In times gone by sea kayaking would have been a truly treacherous activity. Paddling through the San Juan Islands may take you past a few whales if you’re fortunate today but in ancient times sea creatures were predatory and lethal. Forget illusions of gentle marine life, marine reptiles were large enough to crush unsuspecting seafarers (and the odd kayaker!) with their jaws.

Let’s take a look at some pre-historic seas that would have even the most ardent sailor quaking in their kayak today:-

Ordovician Sea
Over 400 million years ago the Earth was an alien barren place with few animals living on land and virtually no plant life. A day lasted for 21 hours and oxygen levels were lower than today. Most of North America was covered by shallow shifting seas teeming with creatures such as hideous sea scorpions and the squid like Giant Orthocones, the number one sea predator. With enormous tentacles and a menacing beak this ravenous creature sent its prey scurrying for cover.

Triassic Sea
In more recent times, well only just over 200 million years ago, we find the Triassic Sea. Rife with numerous reptiles, including the lizard like Nothosaur, one of the strangest creatures was the Tanystropheus, found across Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Its neck of nearly 10 feet long is the longest neck it’s scientifically possible to have, putting our gentle giraffe in the shade. The largest predator was the Cymbospondylus, not one to pronounce after your evening glass of wine. There was no escape on land either as the first dinosaurs evolved during the Triassic Period. Relax, you’ll find nothing like this on your guided sea kayaking tour in the San Juan Islands.

Cretaceous Sea
Skipping forward to just over 80 million years ago, the number one most dangerous sea of all time was the Cretaceous Sea with inland waters that split North America into two halves. There were no friendly whale pods and sea kayaking tours here. Cretaceous Sea levels were 550 feet higher than those of today and the waters were populated with ferocious marine predators. From the Halisaurus lurking in shallow caves to the Giant Mosasaur towering above its victims at over 50 feet tall the seas were not the place to be. Back on land, life wasn’t much safer with the notorious star of movies like Jurassic Park on the prowl – we’re talking about the Tyrannosaurus Rex of course, not Sam Neill.

Moving our time machine back to the present day, you’ll be relieved to know that the most dangerous creatures you’ll see out of the water of the San Juan Islands are the swooping bald eagles and nesting cormorants. Further inland toward the dense redwood forests, you’ll find perfect picnic spots for your luxury vacation, free of all giant two legged beasts.

So be grateful for the idyllic surroundings and the chance to revel in your guided sea kayaking tour around the San Juan Islands during your luxury vacation. You can paddle to your heart’s content and entertain your companions with stories of what once lurked beneath the surface – a long time ago of course.

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