San Juan Islands eco green vacations including a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island.

San Juan Islands: Get In Amongst the Whales on a Guided Sea Kayak Tour!
Eco/Green Vacations Including a Guided Sea Kayak Tour from San Juan Island
Travelers looking for low impact ways to observe the Pacific Northwest’s incredible wildlife can enjoy an eco/green vacation; such as a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island. The San Juan Islands form an archipelago comprised of 170 to 700 islands and islets (depending on the tide), along the west coast of North America, located northwest of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border.

Sunny San Juan

The sun kissed San Juan archipelago has its own special micro-climate, because of its location being in the rain shadow of the magnificent Olympic Mountains, which means these outstandingly beautiful islands only receive half the rainfall of Seattle. In fact, residents and visitors are able to enjoy approximately 250 sunny days each year and relatively mild winter weather. Continue reading

Women’s Vacations With Guided Sea Kayak Tours

We all have different ideas of the perfect vacation. Some of us thrive in the company of our boisterous family and friends. Some favor romantic seclusion with that special person in our lives. Perhaps you dream of taking off with female company and not a demanding male (young or old!) in sight? Or maybe a solo vacation is your ideal with the chance to meet new people and forge new friendships?

If you fall into the latter categories and you’re seeking a girls’ only sojourn with a dash of added spice then a women’s vacation with a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island is a must.

The San Juan Islands of Washington State are often described as the crown jewels of the Pacific Northwest. Tiaras aside, they’re also one of the most popular destinations for sea kayaking, attracting visitors from all over the world. Continue reading

Family Vacations Including a Guided Sea Kayak Tour from San Juan Island

When it comes to picking a holiday destination, you want somewhere that offers plenty to do, but is relaxing and beautiful at the same time. San Juan Island in Washington State offers all of this and plenty more. There are 172-700 islands (depending upon the tide) to check out in the archipelago and San Juan Island is a perfect starting point for your outdoor excursion on the water.

San Juan Island offers an amazing family vacation with plenty of things to do, holiday or not. They have, for example, plenty of trails for hiking, excellent roads for bicycling and calm coastline for kayaking with the kids. Sea kayaking is a great way to make memories with your family and reconnect with nature in a wildlife paradise. Continue reading

Guided Sea Kayak Tours From San Juan Island

If you are looking for a way to unplug and reconnect with nature, consider San Juan Islands adventure vacations including a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island.

The San Juan Islands are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States. This group of islands lies in the northern Puget Sound, just north of Seattle, Washington. More than 150 islands make up this evergreen archipelago, located in what the first Americans called the Salish Sea between British Columbia and Washington State. The four main islands are San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island and Shaw island. Each has its own allure and style. Continue reading

Dangerous Seas of Prehistoric Times

Looking for a luxury vacation this year? How about a near perfect climate, not too hot and not too cold, with a guarantee of dry weather? What else was that on your list; culture, outstanding restaurants, luscious forests and a choice of deserted beaches? Oh, and a spot of sea kayaking?

We have just the solution. One of the most popular destinations for sea kayaking is the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The guided sea kayaking tours through the islands’ glassy waters attract tourists from all over the world. Even the climate of the San Juan Islands reinforces the opulent theme of your vacation blessed as it is with day after day of virtually guaranteed sunshine. Continue reading