Family Vacations Including a Guided Sea Kayak Tour from San Juan Island

When it comes to picking a holiday destination, you want somewhere that offers plenty to do, but is relaxing and beautiful at the same time. San Juan Island in Washington State offers all of this and plenty more. There are 172-700 islands (depending upon the tide) to check out in the archipelago and San Juan Island is a perfect starting point for your outdoor excursion on the water.

San Juan Island offers an amazing family vacation with plenty of things to do, holiday or not. They have, for example, plenty of trails for hiking, excellent roads for bicycling and calm coastline for kayaking with the kids. Sea kayaking is a great way to make memories with your family and reconnect with nature in a wildlife paradise.

The kayak experience from San Juan Island offers the scenery and wildlife of the islands, but from a completely different view – from the sea. You will get the chance to paddle and see some of the sea creatures up close and others from just a few hundred yards away. Some of the most amazing experiences are between the months of May and September when the orca whales are around. You will get to see them play, feed, and communicate in their natural habitat. There are also seals, starfish, otters and many more creatures for you to observe.

There is no need to have any kayak experience at all. There are many different types of tours available, such as short as three hours to six days. This offers a great chance to spend as much time as you want on the water and see as much as possible. Three hours is usually plenty of time for those just learning about kayaking, but the two to six day trip is a great opportunity if you have kayaked before or would love to gain more out of the islands. There is something for most ages and abilities, which makes sea kayaking one of the greatest outdoor adventures in the islands. For those with no or little experience in a kayak, you will be given a short safter and technique lesson and then set out on your way – and the guides will be close should you need them.

There is no need to have any of the gear, as all of that is provided on the trip. The only thing that you will need to take with you is some sunscreen, sunglasses and layered clothing. Most outfitters use double kayaks for the trip, which is a great opportunity to keep parents and children together, or just for friends to double up and spend time together.

It is worth finding out more before you book such a trip. This is because depending on which tour you take, you will get the chance to observe different wildlife and the capabilities of your family. It is best to call and speak to a tour representative who can recommend the perfect kayaking trip for your family.

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