San Juan Islands eco green vacations including a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island.

San Juan Islands: Get In Amongst the Whales on a Guided Sea Kayak Tour!
Eco/Green Vacations Including a Guided Sea Kayak Tour from San Juan Island
Travelers looking for low impact ways to observe the Pacific Northwest’s incredible wildlife can enjoy an eco/green vacation; such as a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island. The San Juan Islands form an archipelago comprised of 170 to 700 islands and islets (depending on the tide), along the west coast of North America, located northwest of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border.

Sunny San Juan

The sun kissed San Juan archipelago has its own special micro-climate, because of its location being in the rain shadow of the magnificent Olympic Mountains, which means these outstandingly beautiful islands only receive half the rainfall of Seattle. In fact, residents and visitors are able to enjoy approximately 250 sunny days each year and relatively mild winter weather.

The beauty of the unspoilt landscape, the warm sunshine and the abundance of wildlife make the San Juan Islands the perfect choice for an eco/green holiday of biking, hiking and kayaking!

Here is a sample of the amazing array of animals you might expect to see from your sea kayak on fantastic eco/green vacations in the protected waters around the San Juan Wildlife Reserve:

Minke Whales
This small baleen whale lives in the Salish Sea and can be seen in the San Juan archipelago from mid summer – early autumn.

Dall Porpoise
This porpoise is capable of speeds of more than 30 mph and is the fastest species of porpoise/dolphin. Also known as the ‘false killer whale’ owing to their black and white markings which resemble the orca, the Dall porpoise has a typical ‘rooster-tail splash’ and triangular fin.

Orca whales
Look out for three pods of orca whales named the Southern Residents. J, K, and L pods are comprised of approximately 90 whales and use the San Juan Islands as a feeding and breeding ground from May through September.

Harbor Porpoise
Numbers of this porpoise are falling and they were once more common in inland waters. Harbor porpoise grow to about 6 ft. in length and are gray-brown with a triangular dorsal fin.

Harbor Seals
On any of the islands’ eco/green vacations including a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan, you will see dozens of these streamlined, sleek mammals zipping through the waters around you. In the summer months, the seals can be observed basking on the rocks, where they give birth to their pups.

Other Marine Mammals
Recently, there have been occasional, exciting sightings of sea mammals not usually found in the San Juan Islands. For example, gray whales, pilot whales, California sea lions and a humpback whale. The waters around the islands are packed with interesting and spectacular life, including wolf eels and the largest octopus species in the world.

Furthermore, do not miss the incredible Sunset kayak trip available during the summer months. You will be mesmerized by myriad, phosphorescent sea-creatures glowing, shimmering, and dancing in an eerie underwater ballet.

Furthermore, the San Juan Islands Wildlife Refuge offers a variety of protected habitats for more than 200 species of birds and has the largest, breeding population of bald eagles in the continental U.S.
For this reason, many birders consider the San Juan Islands to be easily the best bird watching area in the state of Washington and beyond! From a sea kayak gliding silently through the water, you can see these and many other fascinating birds more closely than ever before:
Bald Eagle – Osprey – Red-tailed Hawk – Northern Harrier – Streaked Horned Lark -Harlequin Duck – Rhinoceros Auklet – Common Murre – Barred Owl – Western Bluebird – Bufflehead Duck

Tour information
Guided tours are available for adults and children five and older. Everything is provided including gear. Tours are generally 3 Hours, Full Day, Sunset and 2-6 days.

Ferry access
The San Juan Islands Wildlife Refuge is located on Northern Puget Sound. The four Islands served by ferry are San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island, and Shaw Island. You will find excellent lodgings, dining and tourism activities on these islands.
The land and surrounding waters of the San Juan Islands contain an absolutely fantastic range of wonderful creatures enjoying life in their protected natural habitat. Eco/green vacations including a guided sea kayak from San Juan are the perfect way of observing without disturbing!

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