San Juan Islands eco green vacations including a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island.

San Juan Islands: Get In Amongst the Whales on a Guided Sea Kayak Tour!
Eco/Green Vacations Including a Guided Sea Kayak Tour from San Juan Island
Travelers looking for low impact ways to observe the Pacific Northwest’s incredible wildlife can enjoy an eco/green vacation; such as a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island. The San Juan Islands form an archipelago comprised of 170 to 700 islands and islets (depending on the tide), along the west coast of North America, located northwest of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border.

Sunny San Juan

The sun kissed San Juan archipelago has its own special micro-climate, because of its location being in the rain shadow of the magnificent Olympic Mountains, which means these outstandingly beautiful islands only receive half the rainfall of Seattle. In fact, residents and visitors are able to enjoy approximately 250 sunny days each year and relatively mild winter weather. Continue reading

San Juan Islands Eco Green Vacations and Whale Watch Tour

San Juan Islands: The Unmissable Excitement of Whale Watch Tour Adventures!

Eco/Green vacations including a whale watch tour from San Juan Island
Attractive, green and unpolluted; the San Juan Islands consist of approximately 170 to 700 small islands (depending upon the tide), which form an archipelago along the Washington coast – just northwest of Seattle and south of the Canadian border. The San Juan Marine Stewardship Area, in northern Puget Sound, provides a protected habitat for an amazing range of sea mammals in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This has produced a safe feeding and breeding ground for the resident orca pods and visiting whales, porpoise, seals and many other beautiful animals. Continue reading