Women’s Vacations Including a Guided Bicycle Tour

As the saying goes, the sun shines on the righteous. In that case the San Juan Islands must be doing something right – it’s claimed that sunlight adorns this sprawling archipelago north of Seattle for 247 days of the year. For busy women with vacation times sandwiched in between hectic working hours and demanding families, the San Juan Islands is your answer.

For added fun this year, try a women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands. Intersperse leisurely beach days with gentle – or not so gentle – exercise. What better way to truly explore the glorious sights of the San Juan Islands? What’s more, the promise of constant sunshine means it’s perfect for the fair-weather cyclists. No excuses! Continue reading

Women’s Vacations With Guided Sea Kayak Tours

We all have different ideas of the perfect vacation. Some of us thrive in the company of our boisterous family and friends. Some favor romantic seclusion with that special person in our lives. Perhaps you dream of taking off with female company and not a demanding male (young or old!) in sight? Or maybe a solo vacation is your ideal with the chance to meet new people and forge new friendships?

If you fall into the latter categories and you’re seeking a girls’ only sojourn with a dash of added spice then a women’s vacation with a guided sea kayak tour from San Juan Island is a must.

The San Juan Islands of Washington State are often described as the crown jewels of the Pacific Northwest. Tiaras aside, they’re also one of the most popular destinations for sea kayaking, attracting visitors from all over the world. Continue reading

Women’s Vacations With Whale Watching Tours

Are you feeling frazzled? Seeking some peace or an escape from the endless everyday demands of work and family life?

If you’re life is reminiscent of Cinderella’s before her fairy godmother appeared, a women’s vacation including a whale watch tour from San Juan Island could be just what you are looking for.

Let’s face it; life can get a little grey with its endless routines and thankless tasks. Sometimes, it’s only the hint of a vacation on the distant horizon that keeps us going. So whether it’s some girlie down-time with your close family or a longed-for retreat with a bunch of equally weary female friends, make the San Juan Islands the destination for your women’s vacation to remember. Continue reading