Gay vacations in the San Juan Islands including a bicycle tour

San Juan: Gay Travel Including a Guided Bicycle Tour of the San Juan Islands

Having Fun in Sunny San Juan
If you enjoy active bicycling vacations with free-roaming wildlife on land and porpoise, whales and seals in the sea, then you will love spending time in the sunny San Juan Islands of Washington. For trips, romantic breaks and vacations, including a guided bicycle tour of the San Juan Islands in your plans is the perfect antidote to urban burnout!

The attractive and unpolluted San Juan Islands form an archipelago on the west coast of the US, comprising a scatter of 172 to over 700 islands and islets depending upon high or low tide; many serving as wildlife refuges for harbor seals, cormorants and sea lions. These bijou beauties are set in the sparkling silver seas of the Pacific Ocean, to the north and west of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border. Continue reading

Women’s Vacations Including a Guided Bicycle Tour

As the saying goes, the sun shines on the righteous. In that case the San Juan Islands must be doing something right – it’s claimed that sunlight adorns this sprawling archipelago north of Seattle for 247 days of the year. For busy women with vacation times sandwiched in between hectic working hours and demanding families, the San Juan Islands is your answer.

For added fun this year, try a women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands. Intersperse leisurely beach days with gentle – or not so gentle – exercise. What better way to truly explore the glorious sights of the San Juan Islands? What’s more, the promise of constant sunshine means it’s perfect for the fair-weather cyclists. No excuses! Continue reading

Family Vacations Including a Guided Bicycle Tour in the San Juan Islands

Going on a family vacation is about having fun and taking in new experiences. There are plenty of things to do and see from the San Juan Islands in Washington State. These islands offer something for all, regardless of interests. You could take a day on a whale watch tour to see the amazing mammals or you could see a variety of wildlife on a guided seas kayak tour. However, if you would rather use your legs to take your on an adventure, you could look into hiking or a guided bicycle tour. Continue reading

Guided Bicycle Tours In The San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands adventure vacations including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands are the perfect way to build a lifetime of memories with your family this summer. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the Puget Sound, consisting of more than 150 islands. Only three of those islands are reachable by the Washington State Ferry for walk ons or those that bring their car. The San Juan Islands San Juan Islands Wildlife Refuge. Continue reading

The San Juan Islands – The Safest Option for Your Guided Cycling Tour (and here’s why)

If you’re seeking a luxury vacation there’s no need to look any further than the San Juan Islands. This sun kissed island chain spends most of the year reveling in its sunny status and boasts scenic slow paced roads loaded with wildlife; perfect for a fun and safe vacation with your family. Continue reading

Unusual Bicycles for Your Guided Cycling Tour of the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands north of Seattle offer you a solution to your search for the ideal budget vacation.  Comprising 172 islands across the Pacific Northwest, the most popular destinations are San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island and Shaw Island. With consistent temperatures at around 70F throughout the summer, these captivating islands offer everything from innumerable beaches and hidden vineyards to art galleries, bookstores, diverse culinary offerings and iconic lighthouses.

If you love to explore but you’re concerned about budget, the San Juan Islands offer the ideal opportunity to roam at a cost effective, leisurely pace with their guided cycling tours. With reliable bicycles and appropriate safety equipment, you won’t need to consult your maps as your trusty guide will ensure you see all of the many attractions on your tour. Continue reading