Gay vacations in the San Juan Islands including a bicycle tour

San Juan: Gay Travel Including a Guided Bicycle Tour of the San Juan Islands

Having Fun in Sunny San Juan
If you enjoy active bicycling vacations with free-roaming wildlife on land and porpoise, whales and seals in the sea, then you will love spending time in the sunny San Juan Islands of Washington. For trips, romantic breaks and vacations, including a guided bicycle tour of the San Juan Islands in your plans is the perfect antidote to urban burnout!

The attractive and unpolluted San Juan Islands form an archipelago on the west coast of the US, comprising a scatter of 172 to over 700 islands and islets depending upon high or low tide; many serving as wildlife refuges for harbor seals, cormorants and sea lions. These bijou beauties are set in the sparkling silver seas of the Pacific Ocean, to the north and west of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border. Continue reading