Women’s Vacations Including a Guided Bicycle Tour

As the saying goes, the sun shines on the righteous. In that case the San Juan Islands must be doing something right – it’s claimed that sunlight adorns this sprawling archipelago north of Seattle for 247 days of the year. For busy women with vacation times sandwiched in between hectic working hours and demanding families, the San Juan Islands is your answer.

For added fun this year, try a women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands. Intersperse leisurely beach days with gentle – or not so gentle – exercise. What better way to truly explore the glorious sights of the San Juan Islands? What’s more, the promise of constant sunshine means it’s perfect for the fair-weather cyclists. No excuses!

You can choose to island hop or simply remain on one island and get to know it inside out. Over half of the Islands’ 16,000 population live on San Juan Island. Orcas Island and Lopez Island also have lots to offer your women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands.

If the prospect of clambering on two wheels again and finding your way around somewhere new is a daunting one, you can now relax. The benefits of a guided bicycle tour are twofold. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, your guide will thoroughly explain the basics of safe riding and cover all of the technicalities.

Admittedly, cycling helmets aren’t the hottest fashion look but they are essential. A women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands means you’re appropriately protected from unintentional mishaps – but don’t forget the sunscreen!

If map reading and navigational skills aren’t your strongest point, your worries are over too. This is a guided tour, the pleasure of discovering new landscapes is half the fun. All you have to do is sit back in the saddle and enjoy the show (a little peddling won’t go amiss either of course!) Remember, there’s no rush, this is a journey to savor with a chance to intimately explore the elusive and lesser known landscapes of the San Juan Islands.

Cycle down long stretches of deserted roads, past alpaca farms, alongside towering cliffs and routes lined with wildflower berries and dense ceder forests. Visit secluded fishing villages, admire the pottery skills of the craftsmen and women at artisan studios. You may even get a chance to try out your skills.

If you’re seeking something more isolated, head out to the remote grandeur of the islands’ lighthouses and enjoy a picnic overlooking undiscovered beaches. Watch out for otters and soaring eagles as you explore secluded bays and fishing villages.

Fans of flora and fauna will love the vibrant tulip nurseries in the midst of blossoming meadows and the captivating tapestries of lavender farms. It’s worth pausing for a few moments to absorb the sublime color and breathe in the alluring aroma.

From the gentle hills of Lopez Island to the snow topped peaks of Mount Baker, Mount Constitution and the Olympic Peninsula the panoramic views of a women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour in the San Juan Islands are something you have to see to believe.

For experienced cyclists seeking a challenge, a cycle up to the peak of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island is the one for you! At 2,409 ft this is not for the faint hearted but more than compensated for with the dazzling views from the top. You’ll have exclusive views of the San Juan Islands chain, the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, the Olympic National Park and the Cascade mountains. Loiter with intent awhile to really take it all in. You’ll deserve it after the achievement of reaching the summit.

Thankfully, you’ll find that your women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour of the San Juan Islands isn’t all (leg) work and no play either. Be sure to visit a vineyard or two and sample the local wine. After all, it would be a shame not to!

Once the cycling’s over, take a breather and enjoy some well deserved leisure time on the idyllic beaches that litter the San Juan Islands. Whether it’s soaking up the endless sunshine on sparkling sands or enjoying a delicious ice cream or pick-me-up coffee in one of the countless restaurants, you’ve earned it.

The San Juan Islands are a hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest. With their translucent turquoise seas, pristine beaches and almost guaranteed sunshine your women’s vacation including a guided bicycle tour of the San Juan Islands will leave you with memories to cherish.

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