The San Juan Islands – The Safest Option for Your Guided Cycling Tour (and here’s why)

If you’re seeking a luxury vacation there’s no need to look any further than the San Juan Islands. This sun kissed island chain spends most of the year reveling in its sunny status and boasts scenic slow paced roads loaded with wildlife; perfect for a fun and safe vacation with your family.

The San Juan Islands have it all; breathtaking scenery, a temperate climate, comfortable luxury hotels and inns and award winning restaurants. Above everything else, it’s safe and fun.

With an overall speed limit of 45 mph, the roads in the San Juan Islands are ideal for cyclists wanting to stop and explore lavender fields, vineyards, alpaca farms and artists shops as well as getting plenty of mileage in. There are dozens of safe places for cyclists to stop for views of the sea or places to chain your bike to go for a short hike. Island locals are friendly so you can expect respectful drivers that pass you along the way.

It is rare to have storms during the summer so you can feel comfortable planning ahead. The best way to see the islands by bike is to reserve a guided bicycle tour with a local company. They will take care of all of the details for your vacation from planning the hotels to shuttles to food. All they expect from you is to bring your clothes and an adventurous spirit. The shuttle will not only transport your bags and souvenirs, they will also pick you up if you need to pass up cycling up a hill. Your local guide will show you all of the places that are the must see and do’s of the San Juan Islands as well as being a new friend to welcome you to the islands.

Try a guided cycling tour in the San Juan Islands as part of your luxury vacation this year.

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