5 Top Tips for Your Budget Vacation (and why the San Juan Islands are your answer)

Times are tough right now and when budgets are tight, the first thing to disappear from the ‘to do’ list is the longed for annual vacation. Before you take out that black marker pen to draw a line through your plans – pause for a minute.

You work hard and a deserve vacation -there’s no reason why ‘budget’ means ‘miss-it.’ Follow these tips on vacation planning and you may discover that an archipelago in the Pacific Northwest, namely the San Juan Islands, offers the ideal solution to your cash flow problems. Continue reading

A Guide to Glamping In the San Juan Islands

Luxury vacations are the top of everyone’s wish list. Who doesn’t enjoy room service, satin sheets, champagne and caviar for breakfast and all the best that life can afford? If the luxury that is a five star service is beyond your financial reach this year and the best accommodation you can hope for is a tent then never fear. There’s no reason you can’t add some luxurious touches of your own to your vacation. Continue reading